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Brilliant Gift Giving: Books

July 16, 2008

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my friend Lauren, always in the know, is a brilliant gift giver.


Because she gives books. And more books need to be given. Because more books need to be read.
This past week did not only include Bastille Day (viva la France!) but my birthday as well- and I was so flattered to get actual presents! After a certain point you stop expecting them, y’know? So I wanted to share the proof that Lauren not only has great taste, but seems to know me only too well:

I am so excited to finally have this fabulous book! Books are one of those things I love, but rarely treat myself to. My lofty ambitions of a fully stocked library are usually countered by the practical thoughts of clutter, space, expenses, etcetera. But now I’m inspired to spread the joy of book-giving as well: you get the joy of perusing rows of shelves and smelling that great bookstore smell, without stacks of books piling up without time to be read.

Plus, it makes you look cultured and classy! Hell yah!

So yes, a big THANK YOU to miss Lauren and a recommendation to any girl out to check out this book. Hysterical, yet helpful, it’s perfect for the domestic goddess who doesn’t take herself too seriously. And if you’re curious to see what’s inside, you can check out some sneak peeks and sample recipes online!

Click here to scope it out on Amazon 🙂

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