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a case of the Mondays…

June 17, 2008

I had it pretty bad yesterday. Who on earth decided that the ratio of work to fun days should be so ridiculously unbalanced?

The North Beach Fest was a disappointment- huge crowds, shitty music, and NO free cheese. But the sun was out and we still managed to get a few beers in throughout the day, so I can’t really complain.
The highlight of the day was actually a little bar that our friend Lauren took us to, because we were so over the festival. Spec’s Twelve Adler Cafe is a tiny little hole in the wall with super low ceilings, dingy lighting, and tons of cool shit on the walls. We snagged one of the awesome old wood tables and looked around at the antique mug shots, shrunken voodoo head, shark jaws and other oddities. Definitely a beer place, for sure, so we got a few pitchers (huge, beautiful glass pitchers!) and -best of all- chowed down on some CHEESE which we had been hankering for all day. Any bar that serves cheese and crackers knows the straightest and truest way to my heart.

Later that evening as I was kickin’ it at my friends’ Potrero Hill pad, contemplating where the night would take me, when I heard from some peeps who were going to a show at Bottom of the Hill. I had nothing else to do, so why not? And, conveniently enough, the place was exactly 3 minutes away. I love the venue, so decided to go despite never having heard any of the bands.

I’m glad that I did, otherwise I would not have gotten to experience the joy and wonder that is Anathallo. With, like, a million people on that tiny little stage and all of them switching instruments and whatnot, it was like a Sigur Ros / Arcade Fire / Marching Band orgy of sound. It was amazing to watch them live, and it will be interesting to see if their recorded sound captures the same energy…

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