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Crystal Castles @ the Independent 6/10/08

June 11, 2008

For all you people who didn’t get tickets in time for Crystal Castles, all I have to say is that you didn’t miss much. Literally. As a pretty accurate review explains, “Crystal Castles just barely made an appearance last night at the Independent, playing less than 45 minutes while their opening band, MM/DD/YYYY, played only 15 minutes less than the headliners, promptly concluding the show at a whopping 10:28 p.m.” Read the rest of the review and see better pictures here.
I second Atkins opinion when she says:

For all the good things one can say about Crystal Castles, this band is also so utterly pretentious that they left a crowd chanting for an encore with absolutely nothing.

“This is our last song because I have to pee,” said Glass just before wrapping up the set.

BUT, if there is one thing that I can be glad about- it’s that we didn’t try to get there right before CC went on, drive around for like 45 minutes looking for a parking spot, and basically miss most of the show (as what almost happened last time we went to the Independent- but luckily Clap Your Hands played an awesomely long set).
So, now that I feel like a seasoned veteran of the Independent ‘scene’ here’s my recommendation for a night out on Divisadero. 1. Get there pretty early to score a shweet parking spot. Seeing the opening band is optional (we chose not see mm/dd/yyyy). 2. If your tickets are will-call, get them first while there is nobody there. 3. Bypass the Bean Bag Cafe with its long line of indie kid patrons and instead turn off of Divisadero onto Fulton St. to find the little hole-in-the-wall that is Kathmandu Cafe for some Nepalese food with no wait and no hassle. 4. Finish eating at a leisurely pace, then stroll back around the corner and saunter past all the suckers that are waiting in line/trying to scalp. 5. When the band only plays 6 songs, rejoice in the fact that you had a good meal, danced to some good songs, and now only have to walk a block to the car.

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