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The Garden Company

May 6, 2008

Now that I have about a month before classes start up again, I’ll be making more of a point to travel down to Santa Cruz whenever I can for a weekend getaway. And now that the weather is warming up, what a nice getaway it is! This past weekend was especially nice on Saturday, and we took advantage of the sunshine and Matt’s cute little patio to do a bit of gardening… I know, how senior right?

Lucky for us, Matt happens to have a nursery a couple blocks away, called The Garden Company. They had a great selection of plants and flowers and other crazy accessories for your yard, including a giant giraffe and handmade birdhouses…
I could have stayed there all day looking at everything, but time was of the essence. Being relatively new to planting things, we hassled all the employees with questions- who were very nice about it and explained what size pots to get and which veggies grow best in the Santa Cruz climate. Matt ended up getting a big planter for herbs- lemon grass, oregano, chives, cilantro, and basil- and also some individual pots for tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalepenos. Being the daughter of an avid gardener, I checked out their cute little store and settled on some paisley print gardening gloves for a Mother’s Day gift. I was happy to have a reason to shop for someone else, otherwise who knows what kind of shwag I would have come away with…
Satisfied with our purchases, we went home and went straight to work. Before we left though, Matt bought a few packets of seeds- sunflowers and poppies!- to try our luck with. I must admit, I’ve never felt the urge to get dirty and sweaty and ‘work in the yard’ before… but I guess the office life will do that to ya. It was pretty awesome- I even got my first tan lines of the season…
One of the nice ladies at the nursery told us that plantings should be good for about three weeks- after that it’s a good idea to fertilize. I think Matt should try out some super fuel:

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  1. May 9, 2008 5:59 pm

    btw, my garden is doing great!…i still want that dragon though.

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