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Back In Action

May 6, 2008

Having just gotten back from China and still on a big Asian kick, it only seems fitting that my first post should be about Asian food. Hankering for some Thai food, we decided to try out a restaurant in Nicole’s neck of the woods- the ever so cute Montclair neighborhood. While I can’t remember the exact name of the place, I’m pretty sure it’s Pararung Thai Cuisine: a tiny hole in the wall next to Uneeda Cleaners (the topic of a very amusing conversation) which seems to get a pretty steady clientèle if the number of people there on a Wednesday night is any kind of telling fact.

The food was decent- you can’t really go wrong with such staples as Pad Thai and Spring Rolls. The Spring Rolls, though, were fried instead of fresh and a bit greasy. Other than that, it was pretty status quo… except for the unusual service! I use the word ‘unusual’ because I’m not quite sure if the miscommunication was on our side or theirs. We entered the place- much bigger than it looks from outside- and stood by the hostess podium, waiting to be seated. When no waitress appeared, we noticed a counter at the back which looked like a serving counter for the kitchen. We approached the counter, where a girl stood, and asked her if we just take a seat anywhere or order there. She said we could order there, so after a quick minute to look over the menu, we ordered what we knew would be a safe bet. She said it would only take a few minutes, so we went and sat ourselves at a table. After a bit, a guy comes out with our food in a to-go bag. We were quite confused. Did she ask if were taking it to go? After what seemed like an eternity debating back and forth about what to do- ‘Should we take it and leave?’ ‘Is it the wrong order?’ – I finally got up and went back to the counter and told the girl that we wanted to eat there, promptly followed by her asking “do you want plates?” … I was starting to feel like we weren’t wanted there. “Um, yah. That’d be great.” I said, and went back to my seat. The guy who had brought out our food came and gave us plates and utensils, and then we watched as he and the girl seemed to be arguing (in Thai, I assume) about what had just happened. The strange encounter became the discussion of our meal. I still don’t really know what happened.

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