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Cafe Colucci – Not without Coups’ Baby!

April 2, 2008

So my next few posts will probably be a little out of order, but I wanted to post this review first because it directly follows up on the previous one.

Cafe Colucci
6427 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, California 94609

Excited to try’s discounts, we scoured the listings for a place we could have confidence in. I had heard of Cafe Colucci from one of my coworkers, and being a new fan of Ethiopian food, we decided to try it. We got the $10.00 coupon for $3.00- word to the wise- only one coupon per meal, and with a minimum bill amount (so you still end up paying something). The restaurant is a tiny place on Telegraph in the up-and-coming Temescal neighborhood- and from the looks of the people waiting outside seems to be a pretty poppin’ place. The interior provides lots of interesting things to look at- I was especially fond of the tables inlaid with grains and beans of different colors and textures.

People watching was the best though- the pregnant hippie girl who looked as young as me with her gypsy caravan companions, the tattooed and dreadlocked couple elegantly sipping tea, and the white-bread married couples looking very juxtaposed in the middle of it all. We got both the veggie and meat combos, and with the discount the bill came to $20 for two people. Not bad. Especially since it fed me for three days after. Compared to Addis, the food was pretty on par for price, quantity, and quality (considering that at both places the only things we’re willing to order out loud is the “_____ Combo”) – but Addis seems to attract a more legit Ethiopian crowd. But for the location, crowd, decor, and especially the online discounts, Cafe Colucci definitely deserves a return trip.

If you are wary about trying this crazy sounding food (I was! Like, “Ethiopian food? What is that- twigs and dirt?”) their website is amazingly helpful and describes all the different spices, cooking methods, and expressions used. Bonus points for great photos!

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