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The San Francisco Zoo. Now With Less Tigers!

March 14, 2008

I don’t think I had ever been to the SF Zoo before a few weeks ago when a couple Young Fellas called me up with the plan. A Friday day trip sounded real nice, so I skipped class and went for it. First things first (obviously), did you know the Zoo is $11 to get in? I didn’t. I thought it’d be free, or at the very least, discounted for us broke students. But nope, eleven big ones. Second, I was made aware on the way to our destination that the point of this trip was to take funny pictures of the rundown zoo and the people visiting it. Wonderful, $11 to see a rundown zoo and funny tourists. Oh, and they don’t serve beer at zoos. That’s 3 marks against the place, but somehow it still managed to be an enjoyable outing.

I guess they just added this new Africa Animals section to the zoo. They put it right by the entrance and it’s really nice. It’s a trick though, because it sets you up for believing that the whole zoo is gonna be as nice as the Africa section, but nope, ain’t gonna happen. Oh and I overheard some little girl yelling to her mom that the lazy giraffe in this pic was only a couple weeks old. She seemed like a reliable source. (Note: they have a ton of giraffes, but only 1 zebra. I guess Africa was having a sale. Poor zebra gets no love)

Here’s the great gorilla in his natural habitat, complete with authentic rubber ball and hanging plastic thing.

Ian gives the black bears two thumbs up. Rob is still on the fence.

They say the family that sits at the zoo together, stays together.

Cute meerkat picture, for Maris’ sake.

Perhaps the most depressing thing in the entire zoo. Birds of prey, chained to posts.
If there is one reason to go to the SF Zoo, it’s for the farm animal petting area. Seriously, we spent more time here than anywhere else. There are even brushes available so the goats can get their hair did and rakes so you can clean up their shit like a real farmer!

And of course, a feeding station. A few of the animals are smart enough to realize that the little pellets you feed them come from the red box, so they hang around there until you put your quarter in and swoop up all the pellets for themselves.

Honestly, the zoo isn’t that bad. Maybe not worth $11, but all in all, not a bad way to kill a few hours.

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  1. March 18, 2008 5:06 pm

    it’s a gorgeous day today and I have to sit by the window and watch the world go by- wishing I were at the zoo right now, no matter how depressing/hilarious/gross/expensive it may be! PS- you boys, and those meerkats, are all so adorable!

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