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A Lovely East Bay Weekend

March 6, 2008

As previously mentioned, last Saturday a group of us went to go see MSTRKRFT at Mighty in San Francisco. We had no idea the show would sell out, although we should have assumed so, but I’m glad I bought tickets when I did. One of our friends tried to buy a ticket at the door, and was literally next in line to get in when they reached the cut-off point. The guys at the door could see that the rest of us had tickets and were with her, but they decided to be unsympathetic jerks. Points lost for an otherwise awesome venue- especially since, once we got in, the place didn’t even seem that full. The rest of the evening was pretty status-quo: expensive drinks and long bathroom lines- but I got decently drunk, danced quite a bit, and did some awesome people watching, so the night doesn’t quite deserve to join the haters club. A blast of gold and silver confetti upon the commencement of MSTRKRFT’s set added enough festivity to cancel out the fact that it was, disappointingly, a DJ set. Oh, and the mustache. Mustaches rule as long as it’s not on the face of your significant other.

Sunday morning- er, afternoon I should say- we felt guilty about not taking advantage of the premature sunshine so decided to cure our hangovers with some Lox and Bagels at Noah’s on College. (If you’re not down with lox, you’re not down with me.) Next we hit up Urban Ore on the hunt for a table/chairs/couch for Matt’s new studio. No luck there, as is often the case, but we did see a poster for the White Elephant Sale in Oakland! So we dismissed our tentative plans to instead try our luck at the biggest Rummage Sale in Northern California. In essence, this picture sums up how overwhelming the place was:

Since it was the end of the last day, it was a little picked over. But, we scored some loot nonetheless. Matt got a shweet vintage suitcase for $6.00 which everyone kept commenting on, while I got a bed tray (hellloooo breakfast in bed!!) for $2.50 and a whole bag of stuff for FREE.
They were trying to get rid of everything so were selling bags for $5.00 in which you could put anything that fit. The sweet old lady working the cash box felt bad that I only had 3 bucks on me so just gave me one and told me to have fun. I love sweet old ladies.
Among the shwag I got were two antique glass decanters and a set of retro swizzle sticks for my growing bar collection, a set of Japanese ceramic white tea cups and saucers, and a FONDUE SET. (Can you tell I like housewares?) And not one of those ugly olive-green or mustard-yellow ones from the Brady household, but a simple white one- that had never been used.

So, that happy accident triggered some more wonderful events like getting a book of fondue recipes from around the world (thanks Matt’s Mom!) and going shopping for tasty things like Kirsch, and Gruyere and Emmantaler cheese. Simply put, Fondue is my new favorite thing. The ‘basic recipe’ that we made was super easy and relatively quick, and with a medley of fresh veggies, chopped apples, and a french baguette we felt relatively healthy as well. Did I mention that the set comes with 6 color-coded prongs? You know what that means: Fondue Parties coming soon. So, in conclusion, I end this entry with the philosophy that free things are priceless.

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  1. March 6, 2008 6:23 pm

    correction, my “shweet” suitcase was $12.50…but still a steal in my opinion, especially because that was marked down from its original $25 price tag. You also forgot to mention the awesome free brandy snifter and the “miracle worker” knife! All in all, the free shwag helped me forget the overpriced beers from the night before.

  2. March 7, 2008 9:06 pm

    let’s have a fondue party and dress like we’re the brady bunch. tight bell bottoms and polyester shirts. mstrkrft was fun, i totally forgot about the confetti. i ended the night with a big bill for a bunch of chinese food that we devoured faster than they could serve it to us.

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