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Liars w/ No Age – Slims SF

January 29, 2008

Out of all the music venues in San Francisco, Slim’s might possibly be my least favorite. This is excluding any of the larger venues and just out of the smaller clubs. Besides The Pound, in my opinion, Slim’s is just about the worst place to see a good show in the city. I’m not quite sure what it is about Slim’s. Maybe it’s the fact that I always have to circle the block for a 15-20 mins to find a parking spot (which is still better than The Independent!!), or the just-okay sound/stage setup they have. Most likely though, it’s the not-so-great crowd that always seems to show up whenever I’m there.

This past Friday may as well have been the 13th because nothing seemed to go right. There was the usual 20 minute hunt for a parking spot, which was no big surprise. Then we run from the car in the pouring rain only to find that we not only have to wait to get our tickets from will call, but after that we have to get back in the line again to go through the door. Of course, neither of us brought an umbrella (who brings an umbrella to Liars??) so we’re hiding our faces in our over-sized coats getting soaked from head to toe. To top it off, after the whole parking/double line ordeal we get there just in time to catch one and a half No Age songs. They seemed to be rocking out like none other…might’ve been nice to see a bit more.

So comes the forty-five minute intermission/setup time. We decide to take the edge off and grab a couple drinks. Of course That Guy is there. You know, That Guy. The one who is leaning over the bar, yelling a laundry list of drinks to the bartender (many of which he’ll forget he bought the next day), all while slurring every other word. That Guy. Our bartender (who was either a woman with a mustache or a man with a raspy woman’s voice) hated the guy just as much as we did, telling him to shut up and back away from the bar. Of course That Guy managed to bump into a group of girls, spilling their drinks all because he was teaching some other girl karate. Way to go champ.

We decide to make our way through the crowd a bit and end up perfectly situated behind the giant column, in-between The Honeymoon Couple and Whistling Willy. Besides basically blocking our view for the entire set, I really didn’t mind the giant column. The Honeymoon Couple and Whistling Willy on the other hand. Well if your idea of a good show consists of watching two horny Star Trek fans make-out while some guy whistles in your ear incessantly (with intermittent umbrella drumming on the column!), then this was the show for you. My idea of a good show is one where everyone shuts up, all the tall people stand in the back and the band rocks the fuck out. Oh and free beer.

While Liars’ set was real great, with showings from basically all of their albums, the show was once again missing something. Earlier in the week, the lead singer threw out his back while “reaching for a pillow.” So he spent most of the show sitting in a chair, just out of my line of sight. Occasionally I saw him raise his hands up or he would stagger across the stage holding his back, but for most of the show my visuals were a column, The Honeymoon Couple, and Whistling Willy.

Honestly, I was surprised. I thought the usual flock of hipsters and indie kids would be there. I’m sure they were there somewhere, maybe they spend less time by the bar and more time rocking out than I do these days. All I know is that I’m glad I don’t have to make my way over to the bad luck lame haven that is Slim’s anytime soon. At the very least, I got to hear most every song I wanted to, but I sure do miss the dress-wearing, guitar-throwing lead singer I saw last year at a far superior venue (Bottom of the Hill) with a far superior crowd.

(awesome animation from, picture by me. couldn’t get any better ones thanks to that damn column)

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  1. February 1, 2008 9:32 pm

    Maybe we are getting too old for these kind of things? haha

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