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Lovely New Video from Oakland’s Cave Clove

April 22, 2013

The new video for the sweet doo-wop song  ‘Bases of Pyramids’ by Oakland’s Cave Clove is making me excited for the Bay Area summer- the kind of summer where you can still wear your favorite vintage coat while picnicking among a sea of craft beer bottles, and the graffiti around you mingles beautifully with the greenery and the grins of your friends…



Brothers Quazar at the Night Light

March 5, 2013
The Brothers Quazar in their element.

The Brothers Quazar in their element.

One half of the Brothers Quazar once made me the best mix CD I’ve ever received in my life, so I may be a bit biased when I tell you to head to their DJ set at the Night Light tonight.

The pair of bros (not literal, but almost brothers) have been swapping tunes since high school era and share a common interest in tasty tracks from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and spaced out jams. That plus cheap drinks, crushed velvet wallpaper and paintings of naked ladies all adds up to good clean fun, in my book. Set starts tonight around 8. More details here.

Download a Bay Area Bourgeois exclusive preview mix here. Track list below.

Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23
Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather be with You
The Beatles – Sun King
Brian Benette – Solstice
Notorious BIG – Juicy
Pete Wingfield – Whole Pot a Jelly
Frank Zappa – Apostrophe
Ed Green – My Love For you

A Mix for Love Everyone Day 2013

February 14, 2013

Another mix of songs all using some form of the word ‘love’ in the title…

(the first of which can be found here)

Track listing below:

We’re Looking For a Lot of Love -Hot Chip

Strange Love -Theophilus London

This is Love -PJ Harvey

Poor in Love -Destroyer

My Wild Love -The Doors

Love Like a River -Girls

Lover Lover Lover -Leonard Cohen

Modern Love -David Bowie

Love is All -The Tallest Man on Earth

I’m the Man Who Loves You -Wilco

Love Makes You Feel 10 Feet Tall -The Velvet Underground

This Tornado Loves You -Neko Case

Big Love -Kevin Drew

To the Love Within -Megapuss

Sweet Lovin’ Man -Magnetic Fields

This Love is Fucking Right! -The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I Think I’m in Love -Spiritualized

Goodnight My Love -Mcguire Sisters

I can’t understand Ana Tijoux

November 24, 2012

Ana Tijoux at Brick & Mortar Music Hall
[Ana Tijoux]

407 million people speak Spanish as a native language and another 60 million speak as a second language.  Most of those speakers are in the Western Hemisphere and represent more than half of the population of the Americas. Ana Tijoux – born to Chilean parents exiled in Lille, France – is one of them.  I am not.

Despite my inability to comprehend most of what the trilingual and quite pregnant Tijoux uttered on stage, I found myself captivated with her grounded and soulful stage presence.

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Badass Chilean Rapper Ana Tijoux Coming to the Bay Area

November 7, 2012

I knew I had to get back on the blog-wagon when I heard that one of the coolest exports from my new home, Chile, will be making not one but two appearances in the Bay Area! If you’re not familiar with Grammy-nominated emcee  Ana Tijoux’s music perhaps you may have heard her hit song ‘1977’ in the background of this sick scene from Breaking Bad

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Maus Haus release ‘Light Noise’ EP, party at the Rickshaw Stop

November 1, 2012

Maus Haus

So we’re all pretty wiped out from our various Halloween / Dia de los Muertos / Harvest festival celebrations and associated costume shopping and assembly. But imagine how spent Maus Haus — who just returned from a nationwide tour with the likes of the Dodos and the Generationals — must feel.

After a months long recording hiatus and slight changes in line-up, the electro-pop quartet have also recently released their latest work, an EP entitled ‘Light Noise’ on Lavish Habits.

Help the band celebrate their triumphant return and pick up a copy of the album at the Rickshaw Stop on Saturday. Sister Crayon and Radiation City supporting. [$10-12, 8pm]

The Hallorager cometh

October 25, 2012

On a holiday where everyone gets to masquerade as someone else, why do the bands and DJs always have to be themselves? Thee Parkside is bucking tradition and hosting four bands — being not themselves — this weekend at the Hallorager.

Cover sets by Glitter Wizard (The Seeds), Twin Steps (The Cramps), Meat Market (G.G. & The Jabbers) and the Parmesans (The Kinks) on stage plus tarot card readings, a haunted house and something called MOM’s spooky booth will abound. Mysterious.

We’re currently accepting bets on whether Jonathan Reddick will dress up like Poison Ivy.

Show is 21+. Tickets are $5 w/ costume; $8 w/o and available here.